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I Should Have Done This Sooner.


5 out of 5 - by on Oct 19, 2017

I had hearing problems for years. They weren't severe, but I was asking people to repeat what they said regularly. The most common word coming from me was "What?".
Why did I take so long to address my problem? Maybe because I thought of hearing aids as part of the package that included false teeth, canes and walkers. They're only for "old people".
Well, they aren't only for old people, but they are for old people, and I am one of them. When an old friend who I hadn't seen for years told me he had just gotten hearing aids and thought they were wonderful, I decided it was time to make my move.
I was surprised and happy to find that I am actually having fun with them. My hearing aids have become part of my of my adult toy collection: tablets, smart phones, bluetooth headsets, remote speakers. I have created special settings for some of my activities.
But more important, I no longer irritate others or am irritated by others because I no longer have to keep asking "What?".


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