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Custom Ear Plugs Work Like A Charm At Work And At Night!


5 out of 5 - by on Jun 05, 2018

TL;DR Dr. Carroll is awesome, personal, and helped me get custom ear plugs to improve my focus and sleep quality. They work like a charm!

25y/m recently diagnosed with ADHD. Through talking with my therapist and psychiatrist, I was informed that helping reduce noise / exposure to a lot of stimuli can improve focus at work AND help me fall asleep more easily since my mind wouldn't be trying to process everything. I.e, try ear plugs!!!

The thing is, I have pretty small ears. Foam ear plugs worked okay but I had to readjust every couple minutes, and the reusable kind you get at stores hurt my ears after a while. Both were a nuisance when I was trying to sleep. I decided to look into getting a custom pair. I searched online and made an appointment with Dr. Carroll. I was able to schedule one within like 2 days and went in for a consultation.

Dr. Carroll was super nice and helpful. She explained the benefits of custom plugs. They're a little expensive up front, BUT they essentially last forever and require little maintenance to clean. And they're shaped to fit your specific ears so they'll be nice and snug.

She took impressions of my ear canals, sent the info to get the plugs made, and they came just a couple weeks later. I couldn't be happier with them - they fit snug, make things very quiet, don't fall out at night, and don't hurt if I leave them in overnight or while I'm working!

If you or your child have ADHD I highly recommend looking into custom plugs or consulting with Dr. Carroll. Or if you'd just like to protect your hearing or focus more at work! Investment is worth it.


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